Alain Theiller

Associate, CTO

Robert Madrona

Associate and member of the board

ATH BW Bob recadre
Responsible for the User interface and cryptographic security for Camipro project at EPFL, after many experiences I've worked as R&D engineer at Covadis for 6 years (biometric readers, smart cards and biometry. I directed the development of the biometric solution BioKiosk since 2012. Biometric expert, past project manager at Safran Morpho (currently Idemia) and past bank manger, I'm today participating at the board of the company.



Didier Jeandrevin

Associate and member of the board

Patrick Contat

Business Development

Currently bank manager, I'm advising for support of marketing and project management issues. Sales specialist of the health market in Siwtzerland, also of Citrix and secure hosting, I'm bringing my market expertise for helping the development of Identypass security solutions.




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Use case scenarios

Windows Logon
Simply install the BK Logon product, works out of the box with facial recognition (2D or 3D), fingerprint..., with or without PIN, and with smart card support if necessary.
Application authentification
Using the BK IdP SDK, recognition of the signing person by facial identification and validation by PIN code. The accounts to be used are not necessarily from a Windows® domain.
Web authentication
Authentication using the local webcam, directly from the browser, without any installation on the local workstation.
Signature digitale
Integration with the BK IdP SDK, validation by Challenge/Response exchange with the Identypass authentication server (allows not to use a static password). It is also possible to add a USB token for an additional security factor and a certified audit trail.
Adaptative authentication
Fast biometric recognition for accessing the User privilege level, then complementary authentication (PIN code or token) to authorize Administrator access privilege.
Support for Citrix® sessions
Authentication integrated to the framework, compatible with the Receiver or NetScaler clients (StoreFront module to install on the server)